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Best Fiends Stars

seriously digital entertainment web development unity

As a game programmer at Seriously Digital Entertainment, I had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects, including the company’s popular game Best Fiends Stars. This was my first job where I was paid to write code, and I was eager to learn and grow my skills as a programmer.

One of the first projects I worked on was the development of web-based admin tools for the game. These tools were used by the game team to manage player data and game states, and were written using JavaScript and React. Once the base for these tools was complete, I moved on to working on new features and improvements for the game itself, using Unity and C#.

One of the standout features I worked on was an ad placement system that allowed for the convenient display of ads throughout the game. This system included a user segmentation feature, which allowed us to target specific user segments with specific ads. This system was well-received by the team, and I was praised for my work on it.

In addition to my work on new features, I also spent time improving the game’s existing systems and debugging tools. This included creating new tools that made it easier for the team working on the game’s quality assurance to identify and fix bugs. From time to time, I also worked on new features for the game’s web-based admin tools, further improving the team’s ability to manage the game and its players.

Overall, my time as a game programmer at Seriously Digital Entertainment was incredibly rewarding. I was able to work on exciting projects, learn new skills, and contribute to the success of the company’s games.