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Johannes Palvanen

Fullstack Developer


Learning 3D Modeling in Blender
blender 3D
I’ve been yearning to learn how to make 3D models for a long time. Now, having finally gathered the motivation to go through a few courses, I have been able to create some models I am pretty happy about!
Tech and Services at Metacore
metacore web development backend amazon web services
As a Fullstack Developer at Metacore, I get to build the web admin tooling used by the game teams from ground up. This position also enables me to broaden my experience in backend development.
Maintaining the Seriously Dashboard
seriously digital entertainment web development unity google cloud platform
The React-based admin tool was a valuable resource for the company’s player support team and others. The tool allowed them to manage player resources and game state, test and debug features, view game analytics, and more.
Best Fiends Stars
seriously digital entertainment web development unity
Read about the time I landed my first game programming job and the thrill of finally seeing my hard work come to life in a real game.
Player Support at Seriously
seriously digital entertainment player support
A look at my time as a player support specialist at Seriously Digital Entertainment, including my efforts to learn programming and eventually transition into a programmer role.